When it comes to Cannabis shatter extractions in Canada, no one is probably more wide spread and known than Phyto Extractions.  Dispensaries all over Canada carry their product and they’ve gotten so big that even cheap knock offs are trying to pass themselves off as the quality shatter the Cannabis community in Canada has come to know well.  Maybe it’s because they’ve been at this so long or maybe it’s because they won the 2015 Karma Cup with their Kushberry CO2 extract but they have definitely become an industry standard in Canada now.  Just look at their strain library, they have dozens upon dozens of shatter strains available and are coming out with new ones every month like their new Supernova line with King Louis XIII and Pink Lemonade strains.  Speaking of Super Nova, if you’re into clean shatter you have to try Super Nova by Phyto Extractions.  Expertly crafted in a state of the art Super Critical CO2 extraction setup, these new top shelf shatters burn clean without any Butane solvent residue.  

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