Made from local BC Bud in British Columbia, Canada, the Purple Candy Shatter from Phyto Extractions is a heavenly hybrid that leans to the Indica side. Sporting parentage from BC Sweet tooth and Mendocino Purps the plant shows its true purple heritage with large flowers that have a proper purple tint and amber hairs covering the buds. This strain combines the pain relief and relaxation of Indica with the upbeat euphoria of Sativa and it has enough Sativa in it so you won’t be locked down to your couch leaving you free to do more than veg out on Netflix. As a truly masterful hybrid Phyto Extractions Purple Candy Shatter is sure to become a favourite for years to come.

Phyto Extractions’ history

A former quad quality grower that has expanded into the extractions market Phyto Extractions has established themselves as BC’s best known Shatter Company. Using their extensive knowledge and years of making extractions they produce top quality shatter that is so popular they have been reports of cheap imitations hitting the market. Their recognition as a premier extractions provider was validated in 2015 at the Karma cup where they won best extraction with their Kushberry CO2 extract

Butane Extraction Shatter

BHO is a time tested extraction method that when it comes to pure THC content it can’t be beat. If THC is what you’re after then BHO shatter like this Purple Candy Shatter is what you’re looking for. Phyto Extractions makes sure that every batch is properly purged multiple times to ensure that as little butane residue is left as possible in their final product.

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