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About the strain:
THC Gummies
Low Med High

Atomic's 1000mg THC Grapefruit puck is made to be enjoyed whole or portioned as needed. Go big with a 1000mg dose OR go smaller with 100mg doses.

The 1000mg THC Grapefruit puck is scored around the edge at even intervals, creating ten (10) triangular pieces with equal doses.

Atomic’s cannabis edibles are crafted with a highly concentrated dose of full-spectrum cannabis oil, pairing maximum impact with fantastic flavor. Our obsessions for consistency, potency and effectiveness, ensures our edibles products have dependable effects every time.

Please read our consumption tips before beginning any edible journey.

1000mg THC Grapefruit Puck dosing tips:

Your body mass, fitness level, and your individual body chemistry are all contributing factors when evaluating tolerance. For an experienced user, 100mg is a good starting point, which is why all of our packaging is designed to help you divvy out the portions in these specific increments.

Wait a good amount of time, up to 60 to 90 minutes, after consumption for the “high” to set in.

*PEANUT ALLERGY NOTICE: made in a facility where peanuts are used

THC per puck:
Please refer to the image above
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Whatever your pace, LBC create cannabis cookies to enhance life’s everyday adventures through the responsible use of cannabis. They use advanced infusion technologies to deliver consistent potency and greater absorption rates of THC, so you can get more of the affect that you expect.

The Long Beach Cookies Process

All products have been lab tested for potency and purity and contain no pesticides or heavy metals. All tests are performed to Health Canada standards.

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  1. Zeke says:

    True to their potency

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    Best value I have seen online and after field testing from a seasoned edible user, these smack.

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  2. Ken says:

    Atomic wheelchair gummie

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Oh ya finnally a gummie i can feel without eating a whole bag .nic med

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