10mg Nano THC Drink Mix Blue Raspberry

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About the strain:
Low Med High

Takes only 5-10 minutes for the effects to kick in! JVCKS 10mg Nano THC Drink Mix are enhanced and ready for fun!

Want the fun WITHOUT the hangover?! Then the 10mg Nano THC Drink Mix is for you. We got you! JVCKS has created the ultimate cannabis drink mix!

Grab a packet, dissolve it in a cold glass of water or water bottle. Or if you’re feeling fancy try it with cold soda water for a seltzer. We created these perfect packets so you can take them on the go and be discreet. Whether you are taking these for medicinal or recreational purposes… this is the ultimate fun edible product.

JVCKS drinks are available in 10mg or 20mg doses and a variety of flavours too.

How long does it take for the Nano THC Drink Mix to kick in?

Onset will be within 5-10 minutes, unlike traditional oils you’ll be feeling the FUN in record time.

ALSO, JVCKS drinks will NOT be a buzz kill after, unlike other products that leave you feeling groggy or BLAH after the fun.

To maximize your JVCKS fun experience, drink on an empty stomach.

Benefits of Nano THC Enhanced products:

The most notable benefit of nano THC is its enhanced bioavailability, which means it is absorbed more readily by the human body. Therefore, your poops will now be worth less $ because your body is absorbing ALL of the good stuff.

About the vendor:


Affordable high quality Canadian cannabis strains.
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The world’s most famous and favorite strains at affordable prices. All homegrown in the British Columbian back country.


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  1. Kary says:

    Was skeptical

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Was skeptical about trying a THC drink mix, but this one is legit. Great flavour and kicks in really fast and lasts longer than gummies.

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