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THC Gummies
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Pure. Potent. Perfect. The 1250mg THC Passionfruit Heavy Hitter are infused with Ultra cannabis oil. Each gummy pack comes packed with 1250mg of THC.

Atomic’s cannabis 1250mg THC Passionfruit Heavy Hitter are crafted with a highly concentrated dose of Ultra full-spectrum cannabis oil, pairing maximum impact with fantastic flavor. Their obsessions for consistency, potency and effectiveness, ensures our edibles products have dependable effects every time.

Crafted with delicious real fruit flavors and perfect texture to make your mouth water. These 1250mg THC gummies are meant for experienced users.

Please read our consumption tips before beginning any edible journey.

These edible candy goodies are just what you need if you’re looking for some powerful effects. The high THC concentration gives your body a whole wealth of feel-good emotions. Discover what’s in store when you take one yourself! At the start of your high, you will get a wave of relaxing sensations going through your body at once. These mood-enhancing edible candy treats will do away with any bad feelings. Find the comfort that your body craves! The euphoria gives the edible candy the benefits they’re known for! Try some yourself.

1250mg THC Passionfruit Heavy Hitter dosing tips:

Your body mass, fitness level, and your individual body chemistry are all contributing factors when evaluating tolerance. For an experienced user, 100mg is a good starting point, which is why all of our packaging is designed to help you divvy out the portions in these specific increments.

Wait a good amount of time, up to 60 to 90 minutes, after consumption for the “high” to set in.

*PEANUT ALLERGY NOTICE: made in a facility where peanuts are used

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Hard hitting premium edibles.
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Atomic is a BC based edibles company that focuses on high dose cookies and gummies. Featuring the 500mg cookies and 1000mg gummy pucks.


3 responses to “1250mg THC Passionfruit Heavy Hitter”

  1. A says:


    This thing is no joke. I consider myself a heavy daily smoker with a very high tolerance for edibles. Most 100mg and 200 mg edibles barely give me a buzz sometimes. But this thing is the first edible Ive ever had that really put me out on my ass. I made the mistake of taking half of it on the first time I tried it and although it is small its quite potent. About 1/4 is enough to give me a good high for several hours. And the times I’ve eaten it in the evening I could still feel the stoned feeling the morning after. Taste is strong, you can definitely taste the weed in it, and it has an after-taste but its not terrible.

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  2. Trevor A says:
    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    The strongest gummie I’ve ever ate..very powerful….but the taste is kinda bland…but it does the job ..The stone from this lasts long…make sure you have the next day off.Its small but very powerful a better stone than smoking..best value for price is the heavy hitter..If your looking for taste and texture in a Gummie the dames are so good…white palm is by far the best for value for the hard-core edible consumer…the only place I buy and super fast delivery to alberta..

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  3. Aaron says:

    Fucking strong but...

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    This is definitely STRONG, no doubt. It’ll fuck you up hard. I never bought them again though because it was one awkward shaped piece which made dividing it up in equal doses a guessing game and the biggest reason was the taste. I almost licked the dog’s ass trying to get the lingering taste out of my mouth. You can taste the bud very strongly and the passion fruit zing is almost unbearable. Don’t get me wrong, these will put you in a coma but you won’t enjoy them on the way down. I pity anyone who ate the whole thing at once. They’d be higher than a bird’s pussy and puke green at the same time.

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