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About the strain:
THC Gummies
Low Med High

The Elevtd 450mg Assorted Gummies are crafted to help promote a calm sense of well-being enjoy a relaxing moment to yourself or among your friends.

Indulge in the mouth-watering refreshment of real fruit flavors and 50mg of THC in each carefully handcrafted gumdrop, the 450mg Assorted Gummies. They’re the perfect oasis of relaxation to help you slow down and savour every drop of summer.

Please read our consumption tips before beginning any edible journey.

Our gumdrops are made by hand in small batches under the leadership of our head chef who carefully crafts each recipe to deliver a full flavor experience.

Batches are tested several times throughout the process to ensure consistency and purity.

450mg Assorted Gummies dosing tips and experience:

Your body mass, fitness level, and your individual body chemistry are all contributing factors when evaluating tolerance. For an experienced user, 100mg is a good starting point, which is why all of our packaging is designed to help you divvy out the portions in these specific increments.

Wait a good amount of time, up to 60 to 90 minutes, after consumption for the “high” to set in.Our gumdrops are made by hand in small batches from the finest ingredients.

*PEANUT ALLERGY NOTICE: made in a facility where peanuts are used

THC per pack:
THC per mini puck:
9 x 50mg
Assorted Flavours:
Blue Raspberry, Banana, Grape
About the vendor:
ELEVTD THC infused chocolate
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ELEVTD chocolates and confections are crafted in small batches to ensure they are at peak freshness when you consume them.


The ELEVTD Process

Infused with full spectrum Indica THC distillate. Emulsified using pro lab equipment to guarantee a precise 20mg dose in each square.


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    Therese are strong and taste good. Very nice high on the couch.

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