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About the strain:
Magic Mushrooms
Low Med High

Microdose Blend capsules come available in 4 different blends with this being the 50mg Cognition Forage Blend. All of the blended ingredients are Certified Organic.

The 50mg Cognition Forage Blend is designed as a classic stack, Psilocybin and Lion’s Mane extract (certified organic); intended to provide a smooth boost to energy and cognitive functions such as focus and and awareness.

Recommended dosing and where to start:

We recommend starting with the 50mg Cognition Forage Blend which is THIS product. If you have zero experience with psychedelics, and therefore don’t have any reference for tolerance, we recommend starting with 50mg and then working your way up.

Everyone fairs slightly different, but any dose 100mg or lower will be sub-perceptible. In many people, 150mg-200mg will often draw the line between sub-perceptible and perceptible.

350mg is most often perceptible and not recommended as a microdose unless advised specifically by your health practitioner, or you have previous experience microdosing at this potency.

If you are not sure: Start out dosing 50mg then increase (take two, three, and so on) to achieve the desired effect. You should dose 50mg on at least two separate dose days before increasing. The chart is provided to assist you in deciding what potency to start with.

We recommend you begin on a day you have minimal responsibilities or obligations (work, exams, etc) so you are free to experience your first dose without distractions. (This is recommended, not essential.)

When should I microdose?

The best time to take the dose is earlier in the day, either before breakfast or between breakfast and lunch. If you dose too late in the evening it can occasionally disrupt your sleep.

NOTE: What you eat makes a difference. Fatty foods will slow the release and weaken the effects of psilocybin. We’re not suggesting a diet change, just something to keep in mind.

How long should I microdose for?

We recommend starting with a 12-week regimen, followed by a 1-2 week break to see how you feel.

Sun-perceptible, increased creativity, awareness and memory
Ingredients per capsule:
50mg psilocybin, 250mg organic Lion's Mane
About the vendor:
earthly microdosing available at whitepalm
Enhance your life with all-natural psilocybin microdose formulas. Formulated by experts.
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