6g Psilocybin Mushroom A-LA-AK-BAR

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About the strain:
Magic Mushrooms
Low Med High

Take pure gourmet Belgian dark chocolate, add 6g of the finest BC magic mushrooms and you have Chapo's delicious psilocybin chocolate bar. His personal favourite.

The 6g Psilocybin Mushroom A-LA-AK-BAR is perfectly dosed for either the beginner or the more experienced user. If you love chocolate and especially if you love your magic mushroom this bar has you covered.

This creamy smooth, milky sweet chocolate is the perfect treat for your day. dark chocolate is a classic that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

This bar will uplift your mood and thoughts out of the fog, bringing you to clarity and light.

3g Psilocybin Mushroom A-LA-AK-BAR dosing tips:

Your body mass, fitness level, and your individual body chemistry are all contributing factors when evaluating tolerance.

For an experienced user, 1 square is a good starting point.

For a beginner, 0.5 square is a good starter.

Wait a good amount of time, up to 60 to 90 minutes, after consumption for the “high” to set in.

*PEANUT ALLERGY NOTICE: made in a facility where peanuts are used

Psilocybin per bar:
Squares per bar:
1000mg per square, 6 squares
Uplift your mood and thoughts out of the fog, bringing you to clarity and light.
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Hard hitting premium edibles.
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Atomic is a BC based edibles company that focuses on high dose cookies and gummies. Featuring the 500mg cookies and 1000mg gummy pucks.


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