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About the strain:
Low Med High

Black Gas is a premium, rare, and pure Indica strain that is soon to be a BC legend. Known for its long-lasting high and uber relaxing effects. This is the nicest harvest of Black Gas we have ever seen.

The Black Gas is a strong 90% indica originally bred by BC Bud Depot. This strain dates back to the late 1980’s, originating in California and on Vancouver Island.

As characteristic of many indicas, this strain is optimally used for pain relief and as a sleeping aid. The Black was named after its unique growering characteristics: frosty leaves with dark hues.

The nose on this bad boy is something really special. It SUUUUPER dank featuring heavy diesel fuel and crisp BC pine trees after a lovely sweet rain. If you’re looking for couch lock then go all in, if you’re looking for mellow relaxation then take this one easy and enjoy.

Most recent harvest has more medium sized nugs instead of large. Just FYI. But the effects are still primo.

For other very potent THC products please checkout the infused pre rolls and Greasy Pink Bubba.

Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric
Stress, Pain, Muscle Spasms
About the vendor:


19 Customer Reviews

The names of premium marijuana growers are heavily-guarded secrets both in the United States and abroad so it is our pleasure to introduce you to one of them! Please welcome Zero Ave. to the WhitePalm family.

The ZERO AVE. Process

Zero Ave. only grows rare and AAAA+ premium marijuana in very small batches. Their premium marijuana roster includes Blue Coma, Annihilator Kush, and Green Crack. Most of which are literally made by them. You won’t find these flowers anywhere else in the world.

67 responses to “Black Gas”

  1. MetalFan says:

    Highland does it again!

    This is fucking fantastic. The Highland boys never seem to disappoint, with the Triple Chocolate last year and the Grapefruit Super Glue 2 months ago and now with the Black Gas! Maybe it won’t blow you away in bag appeal with medium sized dark green buds, but it has just crazy potency. Smoked a joint on an empty
    stomach and was actually too high for about 30 minutes. Then wandered down the road to get poutine forgetting they are closed during the pandemic!
    Slight gassy flavour on the inhale and exhale, smokes beautifully. You got a Highland fan boy over here! 3 of 4 products were Highland and next order they will all be Highland! Helps with my back pain and insomnia, would order again, even with all those Breath strains available!

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  2. Evan M. says:

    Black Gas review

    This bud came to me perfectly cured and ready to dig in. I could wake up my bro just cracking into this sticky, crispy, beautifully cured, and delicious smoke. The aroma was hashy, hints of citurs a nice blend of spicey notes. Really great balance of earthy flavours and that hint of lemon you get from freshly cracked black pepper. Bravo, seriously what a greaat strain. We had some legendary Organic Pink Kush at Green Room Society in 2016 and this took me right back. It’s a Gas! Will definitely buy more. The high was deeply relaxing but not overly heavy. Very strong, this is one of my favorites. 9/10

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  3. Matthew Warren says:

    Bud 7 nose 8 high 8

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  4. Mike Ward says:

    It's a GAS GAS GAS

    This is the first produce I had from you. I had my son order some for me. This is what convinced me to start ordering from you.
    It was awesome, a bit more powerful than I thought it would be. That was a mistake. I sat on the couch all afternoon thinking about moving but never getting there. after that I found it to be outstanding, great at night for a great sleep or to get into something good on TV. Great taste and a very nice high. I’ll get this again.

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  5. Stephen MacDonald says:

    Donkey Kick

    When the oz arrived, I did like any normal person and ripped into the bag as fast as I could and packed a bowl. I should have sampled Black Gas first. Now, I roll one, and three or four tokes are plenty. Getting three sessions out of a jay. If I smoke a bit, and eat half a gram, I sleep! I won’t try to describe the nugs, but they’re gorgeous.

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  6. Matthew Warren says:

    2nd time getting the gas 1 of my favorites

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  7. billy van scoy says:


    a new favorite this will give greasy pink a run ………i will continue to buy this product as long as the price stays the same….very very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

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  8. Mat S. says:

    Packs a punch

    Earthy and pungent, newbies beware this strain will knock you out

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  9. Brendan says:


    This is really nice smoke. It looks nothing like the pic. Poor trim job. But it’s one of the better highland products

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  10. Steven Dyni says:

    Absolutely Bangin"

    Wow ! Thos just came in today with my order and the reviews are bang on ! It’s a Bangin strain and for the price…it will be gone …

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  11. Timothy Paupst says:

    Good Weed

    Nice large sticky buds, easy to roll. Pretty potent too.
    Relaxing buzz.

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  12. Jonathan says:

    Top notch!

    Smell, taste, high everything is on point with that one. Great nightime medecine potent easy 5 stars.

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  13. Mike says:

    Very stinky

    I had given up on Highland quite a while ago when I got a very bad batch of Kish, not the Shiskaberry they always call Kish but the real Kish Highland used to sell. I don’t really have any complaints with this black gas, it stinks quite strong and smokes pretty smooth. The price is pretty good too, I’ve had $280 ounces that were a lot worse.

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  14. Dr. Herber West says:

    Good Medicine

    Came a little dry but not that much (enough to lose 1-star and not get 5/5 however). Great nose, better taste – nice and gassy as you would expect. The high is like going down an escalator. You slowly just sink into a full-body stone. And it’s heavy. My face is numb, my eyes are half closed, and my whole body is warm and tingly – head to toe and into my fingertips. All I want to do is take a nap. And the pain in my foot turned from sharp to dull; I even forgot about it for a bit. This strain is doing it’s job. Solid price too. I would definitely buy it again.

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  15. Jared says:


    Great strain, mine was a little leafy and had let dry a little so it would smoke better. Good flavour and great stone, ash was a little dark but smoke wasn’t harsh.

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  16. James Ward says:


    This one has it all! Taste, smell, the buds are nice and sticky. Delivers a nice heavy stone. Knockout at bed time!

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  17. billy van scoy says:

    im gassed

    best from highlands ………….and what every else said very very good

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  18. Jamie Sutherland says:

    Gas to the max

    Highland has really upped their growing skills. I highly reccomend this strain to any heavy indica lovers. Sticky sticky

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  19. Bryan Calvert says:

    OH MY!!!

    Thank you Highland and GWP! Opening the bag released a pungent odour with nice tight not too sticky buds. This burns well, is smooth to smoke but most important is it’s one helluva hit to the brain. Move over GG4, Greasy Ghost and Greasy Pink, all my usual smoke but recently they don’t seem as strong as before. I’m buying more Black before it sells out! Enjoy!!!!

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  20. Curtis says:

    I am Very Impressed

    The quality of these buds are absolutely beautiful. They are cured to perfection and are absolutely caked in resinous trichomes. Makes for a very good night time smoke, punches you straight in the throat. Even the experienced smoker will get a good kush burn that runs all the way down your throat, tastes like licorice, fuel and pine. Buzz hits in the head and washes down the entire body for a sedative relation. I ordered GG4 and Greasy Pink at the same time, and I would say this particular batch is better than both of the most recent batches from South Coast, was a bit disappointed considering what I have received from them in the past. I think this might be some of the best stuff I have ever gotten from GWP. Novice smokers should avoid this particular batch because it is insanely DANK!!!!

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  21. Sarah says:


    Very tasty evening bud. Relaxing and helpful at turning an overactive mind down a few notches.

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  22. Randolph Bilodeau says:

    First time trying a Highland product and I am very impressed. I have tried greasy pink bubba, greasy ghost bubba and GG4 from South Coast and Black Gas hits just as hard or harder than any of those. Awesome smoke, nice sticky buds,nice taste,very nice buzz and decent price. Its really worth trying.

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  23. Shawn says:

    Very Good

    A bit dry but dense and nice buds. Covered in crystal, smooth thick smoke. Nice nighttime high.

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  24. Matthew Warren says:


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  25. Kris says:


    This stuff is amazing probably the best highland has ever grown !!! Look smell taste and smoke are 5stars+ I’m very impressed!!!

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