Blueberry Blast Distillate Syringe

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1 x 1g refill
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6 x 1g refill

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About the strain:
Low Med High

Made using only high-quality cannabis THC distillate and cannabis derived terpenes, CRFT's diverse range of 1g distillate syringes offer a discreet, consistent, and convenient experience. This is the Blueberry Blast distillate syringe featuring a Blueberry OG strain profile with enhanced natural blueberry flavours.

For your convenience the CRFT Blueberry Blast distillate syringe use only high-end glass so that your experience with the product is comfortable.

Distillate oils can be smoked in a pipe, vaporized, rolled in a joint, or hot knifed. A very versatile, potent, and tasty product.

Available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid blends created with your needs in mind. We worked closely with their team to produce these for you.

About the Blueberry Blast Distillate Syringe effects:

The high comes with euphoric feelings and uplifted mood and is great for natural pain relief and is considered among the strongest medicinal strains.

The flavour is incredible too. Just watch out you don’t over consume as you chase the flavour. It’s very nice.

Best ways to use Blueberry Blast Distillate Syringe:

1. Refill your vape cartridges

2. Dabbed

3. Rolled into a joint

4. Hot knifed

5. Ingested (only eat one drop the size of the grain of rice or you will get suppppppppper STONED)

**Troubleshoot Warning (just in case!):

Ensure the metal connection between the cartridge and the battery are in contact with one another for proper function, slightly lifting the metal ring on the underside of the cartridge can ensure proper connection. Devices can be unclogged by carefully inserting a toothpick into the mouthpiece, repeating 2-3 times until unblocked.

Relaxed, Creative, Sedative
Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia
About the vendor:


Extracted using state-of-the-art CO2 technology then combined with natural cannabis terpenes.
3 Customer Reviews

Located here in British Columbia with over 10 years of extraction experience. CRFT is normally the lab behind white label products but we’ve worked together with them to roll out this brand.

The CRFT Process

Made using only high-quality cannabis THC CO2 distillate and cannabis derived terpenes.


2 Responses to “Blueberry Blast Distillate Syringe”

  1. Micheal Greene says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    High folks. I purchased this for the purpose of refilling a vape cartridge. This stuff is very clean. Compared to a GOC distillate syringe, CRFT was almost clear clear. Taste was not overpowering and pleasant. Warmed it in a glass of hot water prior to filling and had no issues refilling the cart. Easy peasy folks. Good stuff! Cheers✌️

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  2. andre bernard says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Being an old school smoker, who likes the original tastes, I have to admit I found the blueberry taste not so bad. It’s not over powering. The high definitely hits you.
    But it’s not perfect. The taste dissipates if you leave it in your refillable too long and you burn thru it at an alarming rate.

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