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About the strain:
Low Med High

Made using only high-quality cannabis THC distillate and cannabis derived terpenes, CRFT's diverse range of 1g vape refills offer a discreet and consistent experience. This is the Maui Waui vape refill featuring the Maui Waui strain profile with enhanced natural flavours.

For your convenience the CRFT Maui Waui vape refill use only high-end hardware so that experience is not compromised. Available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid blends created with your needs in mind. We worked closely with their team to produce these for you.

About the Maui Waui Vape Refill effects:

Maui Waui is a classic Sativa whose sweet pineapple flavors and stress-relieving qualities will float you straight to the shores of Hawaii where this strain originally comes from.

Since its beginnings in the island’s volcanic soil, Maui Waui has spread across the world to bless us with upbeat euphoria. Lightweight effects allow your mind to drift away to creative escapes, while Maui Wowie’s motivating, active effects may be all you need to get outside and enjoy the sun.

**Troubleshoot Warning (just in case!):

Ensure the metal connection between the cartridge and the battery are in contact with one another for proper function, slightly lifting the metal ring on the underside of the cartridge can ensure proper connection. Devices can be unclogged by carefully inserting a toothpick into the mouthpiece, repeating 2-3 times until unblocked.

Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric
Stress, Depression, Anxiety
About the vendor:


Extracted using state-of-the-art CO2 technology then combined with natural cannabis terpenes.
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Located here in British Columbia with over 10 years of extraction experience. CRFT is normally the lab behind white label products but we’ve worked together with them to roll out this brand.

The CRFT Process

Made using only high-quality cannabis THC CO2 distillate and cannabis derived terpenes.

5 responses to “Maui Waui Vape Refill”

  1. Brenda lyn Espiritu says:

    Great high!

    Love the taste. And the glass piece! Such a quick approaching high. Greatbrand!

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  2. Ken says:

    Maui waui

    Great high .nice taste and reasonable price per gr.nice work crft .

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  3. Ryan De Alwis says:

    Very Nice

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    This is a great vape option, tastes really fruity. Reminds me of fruit punch and cotton candy. Potency is manageable and great for daytime!

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  4. Ken says:

    Maui waui

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Nice pineapple flavor .not overpowering .good sativa buzz daytripper

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  5. Serpatro says:

    Wow to this great tropical taste !

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    WOW ! Great tropical taste : pineapple, mango and fruit of the passion reunited in this sublime product ! Very good daybuzz with happy and uplifted effects ! One of my favorite strain, can’t get enough of it !

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