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About the strain:
Low Med High

Introducing Kindle's newest HIGH CBD strain: Organic Reggaeton. With a very rare mix of 3:2 CBD to THC, this flower is unlike any we have had before. Having trouble sleeping? Issues with pain or inflammation AND you still need to get high? Look no further than this amazing flower.

One of the most sought-after cbd/thc blends available in a flower. With over 12% CBD and and a very respectable 8% THC, the Sativa Organic Reggaeton delivers a smooth journey, coming on very predictably and bringing you into a total state of bliss before coming down gently without any burnout.

This sativa-dominant hybrid combines the genetics of our favorite Molly’s Peach – Ringo’s Gift and the powerhouse Dream Dog Kush. Which represents a combination of Girl Scout Cookies, Blackberry Kush, Diesel, and OG. You can imagine the influence these killer genetics have on the Reggaeton, the bouquet you get once you break up these flowers is full of herbal and earthy tones with a hint of gas on the backend. It’s a unique smell we didn’t expect to find on such a high-CBD variety.

The structure of the nugs is spear shaped, they are covered in dense crystals, bursting with thrichomes full of cannabinoids and drenched in terpenes. The end result is something that might clog up your grinder, gum up your scissors, or stick to your fingers like mad, so be warned.

Reggaeton is a great herb for dancing all night, it will provide a steady energetic level and plenty of creative inspiration. On another level, Reggaeton could be your best recovery tool after a long day of work or play. The high level of CBD helps with inflammation, pain and insomnia, so it’s soothing to you when you need it most. Don’t worry though, it makes a great companion to Netflix too!

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Fun, Energetic, Creative
Inflammation, Pain
About the vendor:

Kindle Bloom

Boutique, organic, and sustainable craft cannabis.
5 Customer Reviews

From deep in the rainforest of south west BC emerges a unique and integral cannabis producer. Presenting Kindle Bloom Organic Craft Cannabis, grown in 100% living organic soil, harvested at peak maturity, and dried and cured slowly to perfection. Kindle Bloom provides only 100% organic flowers so you can feel safe that there is no residues from fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or other conventional additives. Going well beyond your average organic program, we source local and sustainable inputs, as well, we take from both, Biodynamic and Korean Natural Farming practices. Our conscious approach to farming means we recycle our soil, we compost unused plant material and focus on maintaining a balanced ratio of mycology and microbiology to reflect what happens in Mother Nature.



7 responses to “Organic Reggaeton”

  1. Ryan says:

    Kindle smashes one out of the park

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    So I am one of those GWP customers that has been asking for some higher CBD strains. There are really three typs of CBD pot. Strains like Citrus Skunk or Greasy Pink that have that 1.5-2.5% CBD kicker to smooth out what otherewise would be pretty overwhelming THC content. The CBD heavy strains which are straight medication, or can be blended in alongside your THC forward pot to level things out. And finally, these balanced CBD:THC strains.

    Harlequin was king of the hill for a long time in that regards, and while the effects of that strain are good, the taste like many CBD heavy strains disapointed. It was like smoking leaves.

    Now this strain….damn…

    Very nice flavour on the inhale, and then a herbal/minty type of flavour profile. Smooth AF exhale. Immediate claming effects, happy buzz. This is def a sativa, but calm and smooth. Bud quality is super high and there was way more than 1/8 in the container I got. So just get over the price. The value is there.

    Alongside Hawaiian Dream and a little ahead of Color Cannabis CBD Mango Haze for best balanced CBD:THC strain I’ve ever tried. All three are recommended highly. This is a must purchase for literally anyone as you can always find a use for it. This feels like an anytime of day pot. Social. Happy. Focused. Calm. Nailed it!!!

    Keep the winners coming Kindle Bloom! This should be a staple in your inventory.

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  2. Micheal Greene says:

    Oh brutha!

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Another high CBD strain Kindle Bloom and blowing it out of the water! I really love this. For me it is a perfect wake n bake to relax, socialize, and by god get things done! Lots of energy here. My buds were massive! Like cover the palm of my hand big. Happy it came in a hard case to allow me to gaze at these beauties. Tastes great and makes me feel greater. It’s a bit piney and has a sweetness to her. Soothes my body beautifully and keeps me motivated. Super smooth medium smoke. Really worth a try if you seek high CBD strains. Cheers✌️

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  3. Brav says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    this is some amazing cannabis if you can get your hands on it!

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  4. tony says:


    this strain by kindle bloom is pretty cool. has such a high cbd compared to thc percentage. thought that be good enough reason to try it. i was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this flower. ya should get yourself some asap

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  5. Curtis says:


    As I return from my pinner joint of Organic Raggaeton, the feeling of relaxation is immense. I have a nice stone that leans on the sativa side, but could definitely be used for sleeping disorders once the high tapers off. Both above reviews are accurate: pine and citrus with some sweet earth undertones. An extremely flavourful bud and a total anxiety killer, this ratio is some of the best, if not the best CBD:THC ratios you could ask for. This weed is what some people would consider GOD GIVEN. This will surely impress even the most seasoned and connoisseur smokers out there. Try it, you won’t regret it!

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  6. Dr. Herber West says:


    The above review is spot on.

    Great citrus and pine smell. The bud is great to handle – it’s nice and sticky but it won’t gunk up your fingertips. Very very smooth smoke. It really doesn’t have a strong taste but I’m getting lemon/lime and pine notes.

    This strain gives a totally functional high, “non-invasive” is a perfect description. You get a little buzz at the beginning but it gradually wears off and you’re left with a calming warmth in the body, those “floatie feels” haha. Not a care in the world. I also don’t have the urge to go for a cigarette oddly enough. The duration is hard to pinpoint since the psychoactive effects wear off first but time just fly’s when your on this stuff.

    It can also mellow you out if you get too high. My buddy tried the greasy pink for the first time and it was a bit too much for him. He had some of the Reggaeton and was in a good place not long after. This strain is nothing short of medicine. The ratio is basically perfect if you’re looking for a special CBD strain.

    I’ve also been mixing small amounts with my go to strains and have had positive results all around. Highly recommended.

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  7. Caleb Dobson says:

    New Favourite Blend

    Happy to see Organic Reggaeton arrive in a hard container. The medium-sized nugs are attractive, sporting delicate earth notes sprinkled lightly with citrus or pine. Extremely smooth upon exhale with pockets of gas, but not an overwhelming flavour.

    The high is so unique and welcome. It comes on gently, surprises with its impressive strength and dissipates with little burnout. A definite recommendation for those seeking a full spectrum experience that’s non-invasive and non-impairing; extremely chill onset – moments of euphoria – then tapers off… moving swiftly away from the psychoactive head buzz and trending towards the floatie feels in the body; similar to the effects of Organic Molly’s Peach.

    Some CBD strains, and some Sativa’s come with a spike in energy or an ‘edge’. For some, the burst of energy can bring on moments of anxiety or restlessness. The Reggaeton is a CBD dominant blend boasting higher THC levels that allows for pure rest and relaxation throughout the duration. A new favourite for me on a level with EVB’s Jotake. Thanks WP

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