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About the strain:
Low Med High

R-Type Ketamine serves as a bridge between modern pharmacology and ancient healing wisdom, offering a synthetic pathway with a spirit-centered approach. It is a testament to the evolving understanding of healing and spiritual growth, blending science with the sacred to unlock profound transformative experiences.

S-Type Ketamine offers a synthetic yet powerful avenue for those on a path of spiritual awakening and emotional healing. It represents an intersection between the advancements of pharmacological research and the age-old pursuit of spiritual wisdom, providing a modern means to explore the vast landscapes of human consciousness.

> Spiritual Qualities:

Elevated States of Consciousness: S-Type Ketamine is known for inducing vivid, almost dream-like states that can significantly alter perceptions of time and space, facilitating deep spiritual exploration and self-discovery.

Insight and Enlightenment: During sessions, users may experience moments of profound insight and clarity that can lead to personal epiphanies and an enhanced understanding of spiritual truths.

Empowerment of Visionary Experiences: The intense sensory and visual effects of S-Type Ketamine can lead to visionary experiences, offering symbolic journeys that many interpret as meaningful spiritual revelations.

> Use in Holistic Practices:

Vision Quests and Spiritual Retreats: S-Type Ketamine is employed in settings reminiscent of vision quests, where guided sessions help individuals confront deep-seated issues and seek greater life purpose, under the supervision of trained professionals.

Integration with Mindfulness and Meditation: It is also used to augment meditation and mindfulness practices, enhancing the depth and intensity of meditative states, aiding those who seek a profound connection with the inner self.

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