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About the strain:
Low Med High

Tangerine Dream Shatter by Chrome Cannabis brings you a fantastic deal on some very solid shatter. Made using premium BC bud here locally in the Fraser Valley.

Chrome Cannabis is coming through with some fantastic new Tangerine Dream shatter. This is a very affordable extract that’s extremely well purged yet still retains a fantastic terpene bouquet and then further infused with more natural cannabis terps.

As usual, Chrome Cannabis prides itself on offering excellent products at excellent prices so this stuff though cheaper than all the premium shatter, is still a very high quality product.

Shatter is a great way to get really high, really fast. It is also the most inexpensive of full melt extracts so if you are on a budget, shatter is the best deal out there. If you have an extract vape, shatter is a great option for those who are on the go. Don’t get too sober during your travels, make sure you have a bit of shatter and a trusty extract vape to take the edge off all of life’s little annoyances.

Tangerine Dream shatter effects:

Tangerine Dream (from the illustrious Barney’s Farm) is a cross of G13, Afghani, and Neville’s A5 Haze. Consuming too much Tangerine Dream may leave you stuck in the couch, as this strain was crafted to meet the demands of medical patients. Uplifting and euphoric, it provides consumers with mental clarity while deeply relaxing muscles.

Productivity, Mental Clarity, Euphoric, Uplifting
Stress, Muscle Pain
About the vendor:
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Chrome is committed to supplying top notch quality yet affordable cannabis products.
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Made in BC, Chrome Cannabis focuses on producing affordable, delicious, and effective cannabis shatter and edibles. Both products combine fresh terpenes and a potent cannabis profile ensuring a smooth hit.


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  1. Bob says:

    Mental Clarity, Euphoric, Uplifting

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Top notch budget shatter. Can dab this all day long. Thank you Chrome for lookin out for my wallet!

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