The Living Soil Organics (LSO weed) cultivation method is basically growing cannabis the way nature intended, without pesticides, man-made chemicals or GMO additives. Live organic soils contain all the organic nutrients, beneficial bacteria, and friendly fungus required to feed a robust plant from seed to smoke. These plants are healthy and use natural techniques to deter pests and mould. The plants are typically grown in way smaller batcghes, which means more meticulous tender love and care. The result is a much denser root development and terpenes that are off the charts. This is craft BC bud at its finest.

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What is LSO weed?

BC bud cultivators use living ORGANIC soil to grow healthy cannabis without pesticides, fungicides, or any other chemicals.

Living soil is often thought of as planting material that centres on compost and has an active microbiology and biodiversity, which can include worms and their castings, protozoa, healthy bacteria, amoebas, kelp extracts and even glacial rock dust. The tricky part is cultivators need to create this bio-diverse growing environment themselves.

And cannot rely on fertilizers because then it wouldn’t be LSO weed.

This craft way of growing that requires so much love and care of the plants (if done right) ends up creating very high THC strains and very high CBD strains.

What does LSO Cannabis mean?

Living Soil Organics is a growing method centred on the microbial life inside the soil. This growing method produces LSO cannabis. A truly organic product.

Through evolution over millions of years, Mother Nature has developed a symbiotic relationship between the plants and the microbial life in the soil: fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and many other types. These microorganisms form a food web in the soil that help feed the plants, in exchange from carbons and sugars that the plant releases through their roots into the soil.

In this organic style of growing, the power is given back to the cannabis plnts, who as living beings have evolved over time to learn to feed their own needs by finding what they require in the soil in which they live. It is this ecosystem in the soil and its relationship with the plant that we call living soil.

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LSO: the new king of quad flower

If you’re looking for organic bud with enhanced terp profiles, potency and flavours… look no further. Organic is organic and fertilizer weed cannot compare!

If you’ve never tried it before you’re in for a treat but take it slow as you’ll probably want to over consumer because it is so delicious.

WhitePalm has you covered we’re a premier marketplace to buy LSO weed online in Canada.

With new LSO growers being recruited all the time be sure to check back often to see what’s NEW and what we have back in stock.

Is Living Soil The Best Soil For Growing Weed?

Absolutely! People are moving away from chemicals in their day to day life. Weed should too!

The quality of the finished product is superior too! No question, hands down, when growing in an aged living soil, the end product will be far superior to just about anything else you can buy or grow. It doesn’t matter if you are a home grower, or a commercial grower, the finished product you grow in aged living soils will be terpy as hell, and crush bottle fed plants, and hydro store soil grown buds. Who would have thunk it that mother nature knew what she was doing all along? Quality comes from the soil, not a bottle.