Libido 100mg Helpers Shroom Microdose

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Magic Mushrooms Microdose


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About the strain:
Magic Mushrooms
Low Med High

The Libido 100mg Helpers Shroom Microdose are full of powerful adaptogens - all certified organic - that help improve mood, assist in sharper focus and motivation.

These Libido 100mg Helpers Shroom Microdose caps enhance sexual energy, drive and motivation. Our micros assist with sharper focus, improved mood and help make you more motivated throughout the day.

Perfect for beginner and intermediate microdosers

These capsules have 100mgs of Golden Teacher strain mushrooms.

20 capsules per pack!

Also contains organic ginger, organic tumeric, organic cacao, organic lion’s mane and bee pollen from the Fraser Valley.

Recommended dosing for the Libido 100mg Helpers Shroom Microdose:

If you have zero experience with psychedelics, and therefor don’t have any reference for tolerance, we recommend starting with this product.

Everyone fairs slightly different, but any dose 100mg or lower will be sub-perceptible. In many people, 150mg-200mg will often draw the line between sub-perceptible and perceptible.

350mg is most often perceptible and not recommended as a microdose unless advised specifically by your health practitioner, or you have previous experience microdosing at this potency.

If you are not sure: Start out dosing 50mg then increase (take two, three, and so on) to achieve the desired effect. You should dose 50mg on at least two separate dose days before increasing. The chart is provided to assist you in deciding what potency to start with.

We recommend you begin on a day you have minimal responsibilities or obligations (work, exams, etc) so you are free to experience your first dose without distractions. (This is recommended, not essential).

When should I microdose?

The best time to take the dose is earlier in the day, either before breakfast or between breakfast and lunch. If you dose too late in the evening it can occasionally disrupt your sleep.

NOTE: What you eat makes a difference. Fatty foods will slow the release and weaken the effects of psilocybin. We’re not suggesting a diet change, just something to keep in mind.

How long should i microdose for?

We recommend starting with a 12-week regimen, followed by a 1-2 week break to see how you feel.

Reduce anxiety, stress and ‘fog brain’
Ingredients per capsule:
Cordyceps, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat weed, Golden Teacher, Red Ginseng (all organic)
Total capsules:
Magic Mushrooms per capsule:
Magic Mushrooms per pack:
About the vendor:
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