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About the strain:
Low Med High

When the grower treats their plants like royalty, you get something incredibly unique and special like this Pineapple Sour. AND when they then upgrade the genetics to create a premium specimen... watch out.

We’ve got something special in store for everyone: the Pineapple Sour Sativa and it is BEAUTIFUL

The Pineapple Sour is a marriage between Sour Diesel and Shishkaberry. This flower is very fruity and sweet in taste and smells like juicy pineapples and mangoes.

Note: this is the small nug deal, although these nugs come from the same plants as the quad harvest.

The Sour Diesel parent bring invigorating diesel-like aroma and fast-acting effects that deliver energizing yet dreamy cerebral effect. The Kish parent brings an initial head buzz that is happy and good for finishing things up or being social, but will slip into a lazy high over time. Combined you get a sweet yet diesel aroma with very productive effects. Really awesome daytime strain.

It has been cured with a slow dry for 21 days meaning it burns SUPER clean. As you already know, South Coast flowers are grown organically.

What makes this bud special:

  1. The flower has been hung dried for 21 days… talk about TLC
  2. The Jungle Boys curing technique showcases 15 days of bin curing. The branches and leaves are left on. Once the flower has been taken out of the bins then the flower is trimmed by hand.
  3. This time the genetics have been married to a Lemon Kush for the most crazy effects.
Uplifting, Happy, Euphoria, Creative
Stress, Depression,  Fatigue, Chronic Pain
About the vendor:
South Coast Cannabis
33 Customer Reviews

South Coast are the leaders in full profile flowers and pure extracts. The Sunshine Coast is the most ideal place to grow and produce the best Cannabis products in the world because of the developed growing culture and collective environment.

One of the most important factors in the production of pure extracts is the growing conditions of the parent cannabis plant. Being that they are located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, our plants thrive without the need of pesticides and fungicides. Our all-natural plants are of the highest quality.


At South Coast, they do not add pesticides or fungicides to our plants.

What allows them to have the cleanest, most effective, and safest medicine in the world is their surrounding professional environment, their science and respect for a proper process, and their respect for the Cannabis plant.

Pure extracts starts with the strain and the health of the genetics. Then, the cure and how the flower is handled is of utmost importance. The mother material sets the foundation for the quality of the extract.

No shwag, no trimmings, no bullshit. We focus on quality over quantity and that is why all of our medicines come in extremely limited quantities. It takes real time to do things properly.


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