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About the strain:
Low Med High

Step aboard the starship of Premium Purple Space Cookies and let it take you on a journey beyond the ordinary, where every puff is a step further into a galaxy of unparalleled flavor and effects.

Hit up premium Purple Space Cookies strain for that laid-back, feel-good buzz. This BC bud hybrid’s a cool mix of Purple Kush and Girl Scout Cookies, bringing you some sweet relaxation with a creative twist. It’s like kicking back and finding your groove, perfect for zoning out or hanging with friends.

Good for: Perfect for anyone looking to mellow out but still keep it lively. Whether you’re diving into some art, chilling with your playlist, or just hanging out, Premium Purple Space Cookies is your go-to for a good time.

The Buzz: This strain’s got that just-right blend of mellow and upbeat. You start off on a high note, feeling all kinds of creative and happy, then it smooths out into a chill vibe that’s not too heavy. Ideal for those evenings when you want to unwind or get into something creative.

Taste and Smell: Get ready for that sweet, berry-like aroma that hits right when you open the bag, with a bit of earthiness that keeps it grounded. The taste? It’s like a snack of sweet grapes and berries with a hint of cookies on the side. Pretty much dessert in a puff.

Looks and Quality: These buds are a show-off, with pops of purple and green that look pretty cool. They’re packed with flavor and potency, all shiny with trichomes, showing off the top-notch quality of this strain.

Euphoric, Creative, Energetic
Depression, Fatigue
About the vendor:
buy Koots Boutique living soil organics weed online Canada
Living soil organics cannabis only
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Growing healthy, potent, and exotic cannabis strains using zero pesticides, fungicides and/or man-made chemicals. Organic and craft sized batches only!

Living Soil Cannabis: what is the big deal? Read here.

The Koots Boutique Process

The organic living soil we use has been perfected over 5 years of trial and error. We use a combination of compost organic matter, teas, and herbs together to create a natural environment for the cannabis plant during its seedling, vegetative and flowering cycles. These plants are healthy and use natural techniques to deter pests and mould. The way it should be.


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