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1 x 1g jar
3 x 1g jar

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About the strain:
Low Med High

Hindu Kush budder from Sea to Sky is a wax lover's dream. One of the original landrace strains that precipitated the popularization of cannabis throughout the world. Experience history and some silky smooth budder.

The Hindu Kush budder is made from a very mysterious strain. Hindu Kush is a potent pure Indica. The only pure Indica budder that we have in the market.

Hindu Kush boasts a slowly-mounting high that begins as a sense of physical relaxation and then progresses toward a state of mental fogginess. Users will feel a heavy sensation in the limbs and head and may not want to be especially active.

The feeling of couchlock is commonly reported: users may have thoughts or intentions of getting up to perform a task, but will just as happily remain motionless.

This immobilization can free up the mind for lazy contemplation and meandering creative thinking.

Some psychedelic effects like visual distortions and strange tactile sensations may also be present. Because of its heavy body stone, Hindu Kush is not recommended for active daytime use.

Sea to Sky only offers CBD, THC and terpene-rich cannabis extracts. Their cannabis oil is cleanly extracted using a supercritical CO2 method and our products are lab tested to ensure the highest quality. We test for cannabinoid and terpene profiles, potency, and contamination.

Amount per container:
Relaxed, Sleepy
Anxiety, Depression
About the vendor:
14 Customer Reviews

Sea to Sky was created by passionate cannabis users who believed that there was more to explore and soak-in when it came to the complex world that is cannabis extracts.

Sea to Sky is all about a balanced high and this balanced high is defined as a high that comes from pure extracts and masterfully tested cannabinoid and terpene combinations. Home of the Canada-famous Bruce Banner budder.

The SEA TO SKY Process

Sea to Sky offers CBD, THC and terpene-rich cannabis shatter and Supercritical vaporizer pens.

We offer a variety of CBD-to-THC ratios for flexible dosing because we understand that everyone has a unique balanced high.

5 responses to “Hindu Kush Budder”

  1. Micheal Greene says:

    Nice evening smoke

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    High folks. Happy I tried the Hindu Kush Budder. It’s high is nice and potent and builds in the body to relax and sooth this old man. I’m grateful for a nice body high. It tastes nice too. Tastes earthy and woody and quite smooth. A caramel coloured product that is light on smell. Actually, it hardly has a scent at all. Overall it’s a great product and I’ll buy again. I love these Sea to Sky budders! They are affordable and do the job very nicely. Thanks eh! Cheers✌️

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  2. MetalFan says:

    Hindu Kush!!

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Love the Hindu Kush flower so jumped at the chance to smoke the budder. This takes me to that place I want to be. Relaxed and confident with a stupid, stoned smile on my face. Smoke at the end of the day while watching a movie or the fights. I have been having crazy insomnia, but the Hindu Kush budder slows my mind down and gives me a great sleep. No burnout the next morning like with traditional sleeping pills. Love this shit!!

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  3. Marco says:

    Not good

    I don’t like the taste of this budder, and it is hard to handle because it is sticky. When trying to put it in my pen, it just sticks to the tool and if I try with my fingers, it coats my fingers wasting budder.

    I wish WP would have traditional crumbly budder so I wouldn’t have to buy it elsewhere. It is so much easier to handle because it doesn’t stick to everything.

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  4. Micheal Greene says:

    Amazing use!

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    High folks. I’ve ordered this product before and have enjoyed them. Being that this stuff is so affordable and has good THC content, I figured I’d use these to make some strong edibles! I ordered 4 x 3grams and decarbed them in the oven. House smells like frickin Woodstock lol! Mixed the decarbed budder into some regular butter and made my chocolate chip cookies. TA-DA! Hindu Kush chocolate chip bedtime cookies! So damn fire! Great idea to stock up on these at this price as you can freeze them and make awesome edibles! Cheers✌️🍪

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  5. Blarf! says:

    A little gem in the rough.

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Okay, It’s not great tasting but not to harsh either. It dirties my banger more. But after 3 small dabs I have to say that the spot were I land is just great.
    Just a nice mix of relaxation and focus. No couch locking. I happen to enjoy mowing the lawn Saturday mornings with my headphones on after a few dabs of Hindu. And at that price you shouldn’t pass on it. It won’t kill you ;)

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