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10 Awesome Things To-Do When High

There’s a lot of things you can do when you’re high on amazing cannabis products that make for amazing life experiences. We’re not talking a light hit off a joint either. Like “Yeah, I’m high” or whatever your high guy or gal voice sounds like and says… Generally we develop certain behaviours when enjoying cannabis and stick with what works… but have you tried to do something that you don’t normally do when lit?  Well here’s a  of 10 Awesome Things To-Do When High…. a rundown of some productive and positive things to do after or during you enjoy your favourite cannabis products.

Clean Your Home

I know it doesn’t sound super fun, but once you re-arrange your shit and clean the backsplash of your sink you’re gonna feel like a million bucks. You’ll get to every nook and cranny and take care of business. Your whole setup will be looking fly. An organized environment makes for organized thoughts – DO IT.

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Go for a Walk/Run in Nature

Get the f#ck outside. The air’s fresher and you’re mind and body get all stimulated. It’s a time to clear your mind and get back to nature. Have some quiet time for yourself or do it with a friend or partner. It’s a great way to reset your mind and chill the heck out.

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Go Grocery Shopping

Head to your supermarket or farmers market and stock your place with awesome food. Don’t bee line to the chip aisle – skip that. Start with the produce. Get fruits and vegetables that you don’t have too often, but actually like. Try and get your cart as preservative free as you can. Get that recipe out and grab all that is needed. DON’T GRAB JUNK!

Cannabis is here to better your mind and body, junk is there to clog your arteries.

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Design a Unique Recipe

Make a dish you haven’t made before or just make your favourite dish but add your own personal touch. Get creative! Add some marijuana to that dish and make it into a delicious weed edible meal. Try something that is more complex than your normal meal preparation but not too next level because you when you’re feeling yourself due to the premium cannabis you just smoked, you don’t want to be disappointed with your food. Try and find someone making it on YouTube if it’s something you feel is challenging. If one of our members is a YouTuber who makes delicious cannabis infused meals please email us. You’ll be so proud once you knock that down! Make a little bit extra so you can enjoy when you’ve got that craving again.

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Give and Get Love

Get together with your partner and enjoy an aphrodisiac cannabis product. Do it differently. Do it elsewhere. All your senses will be heighten and you can double down on the pleasure boat. Smoke another one and pass the heck out.

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Watch a Comedian

Perspective is everything so why not hear someone else’s with some comic relief. Laughing gets the happy sensors going so best embrace the shit out of it. There’s a lotta funny folks out there, we say try out Patrice O’Neil – Elephant in the Room…he’s the guy Bill Burr always admired. Norm MacDonald has some classic shit too, check out his Netflix Special

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Listen to Some Jams

Not sure what to listen to? Fortunately recommendations on whichever platform you prefer (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) are pretty reliable. Start with what you like and get lost in the jams or simply follow the weed and venture into a musical genre you have never explored.

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Look up! Way, way, way up. Is that the Milky Way? Is that the Big Dipper? Sure is. Lose yourself in the stars for a bit. Marvel at it’s magic and all the unknowns. Keep your eyes open for that shooting star and possible an alien race named Romulan ;)

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Hit The Gym

That’s right get your fitness on. Pick a muscle group you want to work on. Not chest and bi-ceps! Go for the less obvious. Work your hammies and delts, drink some water and stretch the eff out. You’ll thank yourself after. You could even take a small smoke break in the middle of your workout. Head to the sauna and a cold shower right after too!

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Do Something Creative

Try your hand at drawing, creative writing or pick up an instrument and jam out. It might not work at all and you could end up with a hunk of crap you made, but the process will be fun and it’s not a crime to execute a goal with not perfect precision. Get silly.

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