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About the strain:
Low Med High

Another banger from Highland. This one is on a 2 week rotation so it'll always be fresh! Cookies Kush from Barney's Coffeeshop combines Girl Scout Cookies with the Rolex phenotype of OG Kush. Smalls deal only due to nug size.

The Cookies Kush genetics are magic. Resulting in a potent pure Indica worthy of 1st place in High Times’ 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in the “Best Coffeeshop Strain” category. This high THC strain is royalty.

The coffee shops of Amsterdam are sacred places where you can find some of the best buds the world has to offer.

A few puffs from your vaporizer or joint and you will be glued to the couch, virtually unable to budge for hours. After about two hours, it can completely knock you out. It knocked Ash out but Dean was good… super stoned but not asleep lol.

For as strong as the high was, it will not mess with your brain too much in terms of groggyness.

Medically speaking, you can find a lot of uses for Cookies Kush. Beyond it being powerfully sedative, it is also a mood booster which makes it great for anyone suffering from chronic stress, depression, or bipolar. Because of this you can utilize this for pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia as it will leave you feeling extremely sleepy as you start to come down.

Also, the aroma and flavour is not your typical Cookies. It’s more citrusy with a bit of a sweet undertone.

7 gallon pots

6 weeks in veg and 10 weeks in flower.

Each room has 32 lights.

No pesticides or carcinogens are used in the growing or curing process. Predator bugs are introduced as a natural preventative.

Whole plant hung to dry for 15 days as humidity is slowly dropped in the room.

Placed in totes after to cure for 14 days with the stock still on the bud.

Hand trimmed, where trimmers only touch the stock of the bud and slowly place into bags.

Bud is only touched a minimum amount before the final customer receives it.

BC BUD REGION: Grown in Squamish, BC.


Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy
Stress, Anxiety, Pain
About the vendor:
Boutique micro-cannabis growers.
7 Customer Reviews

Highland’s cannabis is artisanal, locally grown, trimmed by hand and cultivated by a top horticultural team. Not only that but they are a true and tight-knit family which makes for the perfect combination of team work, productivity, and creativity. Highland grows some of the best cannabis in the country.


7 responses to “Cookies Kush AAAA Smalls (50% OFF BIGS)”

  1. Todd Rolph says:
    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Great buzz for the price! I slept like a baby.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  2. Mike L says:

    Rosin pressing

    Pressed an oz and it yielded 3.5grams of rosin

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  3. Cassandra says:

    A great high

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    I enjoyed this flower very much and would definitely be buying it again! Got me high and chill, would recommend for those looking for something chill to smoke.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  4. Shawn says:


    Tasty crystallized buds, smokes nice in a j and nice indica high.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  5. Jonathan says:

    Good strain

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Nice Cookies Kush, pretty strong & good aroma when you exhale, but I don’t think it should sell in the 280$ price tag in my opinion.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  6. Marco says:

    Strong and enjoyable

    Good strength, nice taste, I am happy I bought it.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  7. Tyler says:

    Definitely cookies

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Taste like sugar cookies. Don’t really get the citrusy taste. Don’t really get the sedative-ness either. Definitely good. Buds are so compact and sticky.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

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