21 CRITICAL POINTS | How to Choose an Online Dispensary


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How to choose an online
dispensary | 21 CRITICAL POINTS

At WhitePalm our goal is to be the number one online dispensary in Canada. We have analysed the cannabis market for years, while continuously gathering feedback from our community in order to ensure that we offer the best possible service for our community.

We took a minute to reflect on what we now identify as 21 Critical Points to ensure you choose the right online dispensary.

If you choose to be a apart of WhitePalm’s community you can clearly see the benefits of joining through these 21 points outlined below. If for some reason it's a not the right fit for you, then hopefully this detailed list of points will help you make the right decision when choosing your mail order marijuana company.

Online Dispensary Community

3 points - Your COMMUNITY If your values dont align it will never workout

Values - Are important in any relationship and this does not change when choosing your online dispensary. Be sure that their principals align with yours. Inevitably, your are supporting the dispensary and grower's with your purchase.

FEEDBACK - If you don't have a good experience or would like to see something change it’s important to know that your voice will always be heard and always taken into consideration. Today the cannabis industry is evolving at a rapid pace and it’s imperative that a collective voice is heard to make the right decisions for the general community. We need to ensure everyone's needs are met.

Internal forums - This is a great way for you to learn from others in the community. Share your knowledge, flex those cannabis muscles! Every medical need is different and insight from others who have a plentitude of experience can make huge difference in how you use cannabis and help you in your day to day. Did you know that sublingual administration is one of the most effective ways to get your daily dose of green goodness?


Craft Cannabis Canada

5 points - Your PRODUCT Microcannabis showcasing the best craft cannabis in canada

Small Batch - All of our growers produce cannabis in small batches, we believe the details get lost when it comes to mass production. Our focus is to support the craft growers that pay attention to the details like what they feed their plants, what their customers want to see, and what the vendors (like WhitePalm) have to say.

Local Growers - Cannabis has thrived in some towns over the years. Why? Well, the community shares their cannabis knowledge to create a great product. We continually source and support these local communities. They deserve the glory and the limelight, they deserve to have their craft showcased because they are the ones that have fought for this industry to finally emerge from the darkness.

Pure Product - We encourage our growers to not use pesticides. This one is a given. We want to ensure the natural benefits of the cannabis plant don't get jeopardized and that its true beauty shines through.

Product Consistency - Our sources stay consistent because of our long-term involvement in the industry. The relationships we have, we have because of years and years of developing relationships with all of growers. We, and they, understand our need for great medical cannabis.

Lab Tested - All of our extracts are lab tested as a requirement with any vendors that wants to sell cannabis extracts in our marketplace. We make sure you’re not taking any risks. We guarantee quality.

Online Dispensary Top Service

5 points - Your Service lotS gets left out when buying weed online, we’re here to answer any question

Same Day Approval - At WhitePalm we focus on making sure patients get approved everyday and we try to make that process as streamlined as possible. All patients must be 19+ year and show a peice of government ID. We’re not here to make a quick buck, we’re here to build a long lasting relationship.

Live Chat - We understand there will always be questions. For those that are not tech savvy or those who have any product or delivery related question, we are always here to help with any questions you might have. Our live chat hour are from 7 AM to 5 PM PST Monday to Friday.

Delivery Time - If you get your order in before 5 PM PST (or 8 PM EST) we ship the next morning to ensure your product is out of our facility and in your hands as soon as possible. All order are shipped via 2-3 business days Xpresspost using Canada Post.

Email Response - All inquiries that come in through email are replied to within 48 hours, we want to ensure your concern are always met with urgency. We understand you are busy too.

Lost Orders - We follow Canada Post’s policy and process on lost orders and do all we can to ensure you receive your package. This being said, we will reship orders if Canada Post confirms the parcel to be lost or stolen.

Online Dispensary Security

4 points - Your Security Your personal information should always be held as the number 1 priority

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure "HTTPS" - is one of the easiest and most basic security strategies to point out. This security step should be done by ANY site that is focused on commerce. Have you ever noticed the little lock icon in your browser’s URL address bar? This is showing you that the site is HTTPS secure. If your online dispensary has not done this you can more or less be certain they have done nothing for your security. Here at WhitePalm we use SUCURI, a leader in the field of online security. Go ahead and click on the little lock to see what kind of information you see.

ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATION - Ensure your communication with the online vendor is on an encrypted email provider. This communication is personal and you would hate for any of this information to be exposed.

Encrypted Data Purging - Data means that any information kept online is removed and stored externally so that access is limited to the company and nobody else. A lot of sites keep your data on a local server and that is really unnecessary. How to find out: you can simply take a look in their “help” section OR they should have a security section in their FAQs. Here at WhitePalm we purge our data every month to ensure your safety.

AUTHENTIC SECURITY BADGES - Today, we see way too many security badges trying to tell us the site is secure, encrypted, safe, etc. In reality, a site can easy Google an icon image that they want and photoshop it into the design of any page. So, all those badges actually mean nothing in most cases. If installed properly they should be clickable and open a popup to give you information on the site, such as when the site was last scanned for possible security leaks or threats.


The best online dispensary loyalty points program

2 points - Your Loyalty Long term relationships should get better over time

Loyalty Points - We all know there are tons of MOMs out there! As there many options to where you can buy weed online as Canadians, it's important to know your continual support to a online dispensary earns value for you over time. Loyalty Points are a great way to do just that. At WhitePlam we offer the best loyalty points of any online dispensary! We offer 1 point for every dollar spent and 15 points equals a dollar off your next purchase. You’re saving 7.5% on every purchase.

A Special Gift - It’s always nice to know someone appreciates your relationship, at WhitePalm we are humans. We make the extra effort to send out special gifts to member in our community, our relationship with you is never taken for granted.

Invite friend and earn online dispensary credit

2 points - Your REWARDS an active member of ANY community, should always be rewarded

Invite Friends Programs - Those who spread the word and tell others about a service should always be rewarded. This is why at WhitePalm we offer a $10 store credit for every friend you invite.They will also receive a $10 discount on their first purchase. It's a win-win, it’s a no brainer, it was made to make you happy. Easily invite 10 friends through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email or personal text message and earn $100 store credits, it's really really easy to earn, free weed.

Internal Contests - are great ways for you to get introduced to new products, vendors, and for being rewarded for being an active and engaged member of our community. We’re always working with our vendors to ensure their product gets into the hands of our community. We love giving products away. Stick around and you’ll see.

We hope these 21 critical points help you choose the right online dispensary for your needs. Today, we see these 21 points as being critical in choosing your online dispensary, however, our focus is to continually explore new ways to improve our service and add additional points to our list.

Through your feedback and our experience, we can keep developing and growing our wonderful marketplace. We believe our service can always improve, it is our goal to work with our members to become Canada's number one online dispensary through the services we provide at WhitePalm.

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